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Frequently Asked Questions

Will my carpet resoil quickly after cleaning?
Not when Magna-Dry cleans. The resoiling rate is greatly reduced due to our non-detergent cleaning process. Your carpet is left soil and residue-free.

How long will it take to dry?
Usually rooms are ready to use right after cleaning. Drying normally takes one to two hours. This varies according to carpet type, amount of soil, weather, air movement, humidity and room temperature.

Will cleaning damage my carpet?
Not with Magna-Dry. Carpets are damaged when harsh methods are used. Super-heated water, residue-laden chemicals, detergents and poor workmanship are factors that can damage your carpet using other carpet-cleaning methods.

Will all the stains come out?
Most stains come out with Magna-Dry cleaning, but we cannot guarantee that all stains will be removed. Our technicians remove stains that are not permanent. When a stain is judged to be permanent, Magna-Dry technicians will discuss other special treatment methods with you.

Why don’t you use water?
Because Magna-Dry uses very little hot water, there is no chance of shrinkage or mildew and there are no soil-attracting residues left behind. system dries faster than steam methods (generally in about an hour) which means you can conveniently schedule your carpet cleaning at a time that won’t inconvenience you or your family.

Is it safe for family and pets?
Tested and used in hospitals, Magna-Dry leaves behind no irritating residues or toxic chemicals. Rather than residue-producing detergents, Magna-Dry utilizes a non-toxic, non-noxious and biodegradable dry-cleaning chemical which leaves your carpet clean, fresh and residue-free.

How does it work?
The process is simple, but very effective. First, our technicians vacuum your carpet, removing the dry, sharp particles that can cut and dull carpet fibers. Then they spray a light application of cleaning agent over the entire area until damp, not wet. Because our cleaning agent is a non-toxic, homogenized blend of water and solvent-based cleaners, it attacks all types of stains, loosening them from the carpet and leaving them with a negative chemical charge. Next, your carpet is agitated with soft, absorbent pads that are treated with a positively-charged solvent. The solvent softens the fibers in your carpet while it attracts the negatively-charged soil to the cleaning pad. Your carpet is cleaner and brighter. Because no soil-attracting residue is left behind, it will stay that way longer.

What should I do to prepare?
With just a little assistance from you, Magna-Dry will make sure your special mementos and treasures are kept safe.

Remove all breakables from areas to be cleaned, as well as small furniture pieces and personal items.
China cabinets, display cases and closet floors must be emptied before moving and cleaning.
Full-length drapers and upholstery skirts should be hung or pinned up to prevent contact with carpet. 
Please call the technician’s attention to any stains or other items that may need special care.